Appointments for new and returning patients are available with our physiotherapists, Senior Physiotherapist and Practice Principal Stephen Mahony, and Staff Physiotherapist Xiaoqi Chen.


It is our preference to offer more time for quality treatment, so we allocate 45 minutes for Assessment Consultations and 30 minutes for Standard Subsequent Consultations, often in addition to time spent performing exercises or resting with a heat or cold pack, dry needling or electrical stimulation machine. Longer appointments can be arranged, and this is recommended in any of the following circumstances:

  • whiplash/motor vehicle accident injuries
  • chronic or complex injuries with a long history
  • multiple areas for treatment


Our physiotherapists ‘Case Conference’ on a weekly basis to discuss difficult or unusual patient presentations, ensuring that you are receiving the benefit of our combined knowledge when required. It is also an important part of our professional development.


The existence and success of our business depends on you attending your scheduled appointment and we ask that you consider your appointment with us to be a high priority in your day. If you happen to be ill with a cold, flu or other contagious illness we prefer you cancel your appointment to avoid spreading the illness through our staff and other patients, and there will be no charge. If you cancel your appointment for any other reason (without 24 hours minimum notice) or fail to attend without notifying us, we reserve the right to charge you for the missed consultation.


Please note that we routinely confirm patient appointments to assist you in remembering your appointment, and keep a waiting list each day in case of cancellations.