Can I Claim for Physiotherapy Through Medicare?

If your GP considers it appropriate, patients with complex, chronic conditions may be referred to Physiotherapy and/or other Allied Health Services under a Team Care Plan or Enhanced Primary Care Plan. There are limits on the number of treatment sessions, and the focus is on improving ongoing self-management of the chronic condition. Patients are required to pay our normal fee and will be issued with a receipt to submit to Medicare. Currently the Medicare rebate (Item number 10960) is $56.00. If you have reached your Medicare Safety Net, you may receive a higher rebate. Please note that regardless of what your Doctor may have indicated, we do not bulk bill Medicare for this service.

How Do I Make a Claim through WorkCover or CTP Insurance?

Please read our pages on WorkCover and CTP Insurance claiming.

How Much Will My Private Health Insurance Rebate Be?

This depends on your own insurance cover. You will need to consult your Insurer to check your rebate for each session and your annual limit.

How Can I Pay For Treatment?

If you have private health insurance with Physiotherapy coverage, we can process your rebate using a HICAPS terminal. You must bring your card and swipe it through the terminal for this to work. We accept payments by cash, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard. Payment is expected at the time of consultation. For further details, please read our Fees and Payment Page.

What If I Have More Than One Problem?

Prior to your Assessment Consultation we will ask you to complete an Assessment Questionnaire. It may be appropriate for you to use a separate page for each of your problems. Your Physiotherapist will discuss each problem with you briefly then usually deal with the most acute or urgent problem first. If you wish to address both problems from the outset, please book an Extended Assessment Consultation as the time allocated to our regular Assessment Consultation is not sufficient to assess and commence treatment on more than one condition.

How Often Do I Need to Come Back for Another Appointment?

This depends on the nature of your condition, your upcoming commitments (eg trying to recover in time for a sporting event or holiday), and practical considerations such as your time and financial constraints. Your Physiotherapist will make a recommendation, then it is up to you to determine a suitable appointment time.

What Can I Expect in the First Consultation?

Your Physiotherapist will ask you questions about the history and behaviour of your condition, factors in your lifestyle that may be relevant, other health conditions and investigations. Your Physiotherapist will then ask you to perform movements and other tests (eg strength or flexibility) and they will complete the examination by adding specific diagnostic tests and feeling the area to determine tenderness, tightness or some other clinical sign. Based on the information given and the examination findings, your Physiotherapist will discuss the most likely diagnosis, recommend treatments, and suggest appropriate self-management, activity adjustments and further referral if appropriate. When possible you will be given an idea of the timeframe for recovery, remembering that there are often differences between individuals, and in many cases it is dependent on how well you manage your recovery between treatment sessions. We normally commence treatment in the first consultation, as well as give you a home program to follow. If you believe your condition is complex or will take longer to assess and you wish for us to commence treatment in the first consultation, please book an Extended Assessment Consultation.

For further details about this topic you can read our Patient Information page.

Do You Have a Car Park?

There are three allocated parking spots within the car park past the boom gate. The car park is located on the corner of Commercial Rd & Helen st. Once at the boom gate, please call 0423687440 and we will be able to open it for you.

What Should I Bring and Wear?

Please read the What You Should Bring and What You Should Wear pages.

Do I Need a Doctor’s Referral?

You will need a Doctor’s referral if you intend to make a claim through WorkCover, DVA, Compulsory Third Party Insurance, or if you are on a Team Care Plan or Enhanced Primary Care Plan claiming a Medicare rebate. If none of these apply and you are paying for treatment yourself, then no referral is required.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Book online now or call us on 32528866 to arrange your appointment. After hours you can leave a message on our answering machine or email us at .

What Is Physio and Is It What I Need?

Physiotherapy treatment aims to correct postures and movements which lead to injury or damage to the body. If you have suffered an injury such as a ligament sprain or muscle strain, the physio treatment augments the body’s normal healing process and will speed the recovery of a strong tissue repair. Regaining muscle control and strength is always a focus of treatment because it will reduce the recurrence of symptoms. For more information, please read our What to Expect From Treatment page.