Physical Activity and Sports Injuries

Sports physiotherapy is a specific field of physiotherapy which specialises in the treatment and management of a wide variety of injuries sustained during physical activity or sports (both social and competitive). Sports physiotherapy involves a thorough assessment of the injured area and a wider biomechanical assessment of your movement patterns and imbalances that might contribute to the injury. To assist your assessment we may use tools such as:

-Video analysis

-EMG biofeedback of muscle activity

-Computer-based analysis software

-MAT assessment


How Can We Help?

Analysis of the specific tasks and demands of your sport or activity is important to treatment and return to activity planning. Treatment may include:

-Exercises and stretches to improve control, balance, strength and flexibility

-Massage releases to reduce muscle knots and spasm

-Joint mobilisations to loosen stiff joints

-Dry needling to release muscle trigger points, reduce pain and improve healing of tendinopathy

-Strapping to support damaged joints, ligaments or muscles and improve posture

-Technique correction or adjustment where appropriate


The Treatment and Rehab Journey

Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who wants to maintain general physical activity for health and wellbeing, we aim to provide treatment and advice that guides you from the time of injury to your return to your previous level of activity. Our treatment, rehabilitation program and ongoing self-management plan also aim to prevent the recurrence of your injury, or a secondary injury emerging.


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