Your Physiotherapist will ask you questions about the history and behaviour of your condition, factors in your lifestyle that may be relevant, other health conditions and investigations. Your Physiotherapist will then ask you to perform movements and other tests (eg strength or flexibility) and they will complete the examination by adding specific diagnostic tests and feeling the area to determine tenderness, tightness or some other clinical sign. Based on the information given and the examination findings, your Physiotherapist will discuss the most likely diagnosis, recommend treatments, and suggest appropriate self-management, activity adjustments and further referral if appropriate. When possible you will be given an idea of the timeframe for recovery, remembering that there are often differences between individuals, and in many cases it is dependent on how well you manage your recovery between treatment sessions. We normally commence treatment in the first consultation, as well as give you a home program to follow. If you believe your condition is complex or will take longer to assess and you wish for us to commence treatment in the first consultation, please book an Extended Assessment Consultation.

For further details about this topic you can read our Patient Information page.

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